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It can feel like a tangled mess trying to protect your wealth while maintaining the best possible tax and estate planning possible. We’re here to guide you through to safety and security.

The Passage Trust™ Relies on Nevada’s Proven Asset Protection Law History

Nevada asset protection law means the Passage Trust™ is seen as a separate entity under state law. This means that your creditors cannot take assets in your Passage Trust™ because they are not your assets.

Although it sounds too-good-to-be-true, it isn’t. It is Nevada statutory law and has been for nearly twenty years. It has been tested and proven. The Nevada Supreme Court recently decided in favor of the debtor, upholding the integrity of this type of trust.

Better Than Expensive and Shady Off-Shore Alternatives

The Passage Trust provides a superior level of asset protection over any other domestic or offshore trust.  The Passage Trust employs the most comprehensive asset protection laws of any domestic domicile while avoiding the administrative costs, hassle and tax filings of an offshore trust.

  • Integrates Seamlessly With Existing Tax Plan, Estate Plan, and Succession Plan

  • Works With Your Current Tax + Estate Plan

The Passage Trust Integrates Effortlessly With Your Existing Plans

Many asset protections have zero flexibility and require other plans to conform to their requirements. It is the square peg being pounded into the non-square hole.

The Passage Trust™ provides asset protection from creditors without all the pain of changing your existing plans. Here’s how it can integrate with your existing estate plan, succession plan, and tax plan.

The Passage Trust secures the ownership, revenue streams, or gain from the disposition of the company or companies for the next generation. Aside from the outstanding asset protection established through the implementation of The Passage Trust, a comprehensive estate plan is put in place. For example, the estate plan addresses orderly disposition of assets to heirs, elimination of estate tax, legacy and avoidance of probate.

The Trust has multiple features to integrate it into a grantor’s tax plan. Unless there is a benefit to altering an existing tax plan, the Trust can be tailored so that existing planning is not altered and depending upon the tax rates and policies of the residency of the trustees and beneficiaries, it is possible the Trust will actually lower or eliminate State tax. At the federal level, the grantors, fiduciaries and beneficiaries are not required to do multiple complex filings and disclosures as is the case with offshore trusts. You end up with superior asset protection than an offshore trust without other tax filing complications.

The Passage Trust contemplates the transition of the company to a third party, existing heirs, a key group of employees and employee stock ownership plan. A hallmark to having The Passage Trust in place before an event of succession is that once funds are received for the disposition of the company or assets, the funds are fully asset protected and integrated into the estate plan.

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We’ll review all existing planning structures and in the process of integrating those structures into one cohesive plan, make sure that each structure compliments the other structures.

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