Keep Your Assets Safe From Creditors

The Passage Trust™ protects your assets from creditors, while maintaining simplicity and flexibility.

Works With Your Current Tax + Estate Plan
100% Domestic Asset Protection
Strong Legal Precedent

Is your nest egg vulnerable?

Without proven protection, you could lose everything. A simple business or personal mistake is all it takes. You’re at risk now, but you don’t have to be.

Asset protection through a Passage Trust™ changes everything.

Watch This Video to See The Step by Step Process to Securing Your Nest Egg and Creating a Robust Asset Protection Plan

How Does the Passage Trust™ Work?

Large financial accounts, including IRAs, investments, brokerage, or cash, and properties, including real estate, jewelry, RVs, and boats, titled in your personal name are fair game for creditors to pursue. The Passage Trust™ protects your assets from creditors seeking to take everything you own. In the event you are sued, your assets live safely in a Nevada Trust. Nevada law has unparalleled protection from creditors, and existing case law to back it up.

  • 100% Legal & 100% Ethical (no shady off-shore accounts)

  • Works With Your Current Tax + Estate Plan

  • Backed by Strong Case Precedent

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Get the Passage Trust™

Our attorneys will prepare your documents and create a trust unique to you and your needs. Integrated perfectly into your current estate, tax, and succession plans.

Experience Advanced Asset Protection

With a completed Passage Trust™, your assets will be protected. Any worry about losing it to creditors will be gone.

The Passage Trust™ Delivers One of the Most Comprehensive Yet Flexible Asset Protection Plans Available

  • Low Administrative Costs
  • High Flexibility
  • Statutory Support and Legal Precedence

  • Low Administrative Complexity

  • Transfer Assets Freely

  • High Mobility (protect tangible and intangible assets located in any state)

Experience Some of The Highest Level of Legal Asset Security Available

Stop Worrying About The Safety of Your Assets and Enjoy Your Life

Keep the Same Investment Control Over Your Assets You’ve Come to Love

Apply for The Passage Trust™

Once this form is submitted, we’ll reach out to you. You’ll get every question answered, an accurate idea of what it costs, and a path forward to the most comprehensive asset protection available.

    How Did You Hear About Us?

    You want your assets to be more secure. We can help.

    At Lobb & Plewe, we know that you want to be secure and confident in your savings. In order to do that you need to protect them. The problem is, assets in your bank account, trust accounts, real estate, and the stock market are vulnerable to creditors. You’re worried you could lose everything. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your assets and future are secure.

    We completely understand what it’s like to build up wealth, only to realize it’s all at risk. That’s why you should use our firm’s 25+ years of legal experience to help guide you to real asset security.

    You don’t have to worry anymore about losing everything you’ve worked hard to build. Now you can rest easy with the proven security and protection of The Passage Trust™.

    “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark and his team on a number of matters over the last couple of decades. He is one of my go-to subject matter experts on how to legally create an asset protection structure through the utilization of irrevocable trusts. I admire and highly respect his expertise.”

    James A. Hayes, Jr., APLC
    Founding Partner of Zinser | Hayes

    Lobb and Plew Office Foyer

    You’ll have an experienced law firm by your side every step of the way.

    Lobb & Plewe has been serving people like you since 1993. With over a quarter-century of legal experience, we know what it means to provide great service.

    “We have been clients for this firm for over 15 yrs. They have truly provided the best experience we have ever had with any law firm…”

    – Nora E, Satisfied Lobb & Plewe Client

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    Legitimate and ethical asset protection doesn’t need to be complicated. Apply today or give us a call and we’ll answer your questions free of charge.

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